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  • The meanings of generic names are fascinating and often

    quite helpful in indicating some special morphological

    feature, reminding one of the discoverer or of some ancient

    Greek mythological story. The rules for their formation

    are as follows "The name of a genus is a substantive in the

    singular number or a word treated as such. It may be taken

    from any source whatever and may even be composed

    arbitrarily" (International Code of Botanical Nomenclature,

    1961). Really one could not have a wider choice! The

    code also recommends "Latin terminations as far as possible;

    to avoid names not readily adaptable to the Latin tongue";

    "scientific names of taxonomic groups are treated as Latin

    regardless of origin". Indeed the great majority of nonpersonal

    generic names are basically of Greek origin, and

    quite frequently Greek words or word-parts are retained, eg.

    hemi-, hypo-, -idium, -itis, stemon.