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List of Books starting with R
  • Research on the vegetation of Natal including:

    (1) The Measurement of the Size of the Aeration System of the Leaves of certainNatal Plants by an Injection Method
    (2) A New Calcium Chloride Method of Measuring the Resistance of Leaves to Water-Loss
    (3) The Measurement of Light Intensities in South Africa with Special Reference to Plant Habitats
    (4) The Rate of Water-Loss during the Drying of Leaves 
    (5) The Distribution and Ecology of ..the Genus Cussonia (Thunb.)
  • Researches on the vegetation of Natal including:
    (1) The Water Relations of some Natal Plants, with special reference to the leaves of Ptaeroxylon utile and Portulacaria afra.
    (2) The Water-retaining Capacity of certain Woods in relation to their Microscopic Structure.
    (3) The Water Requirement and Transpiration of a common Natal Weed,Bidens pilosa (L.)